Green Envy - Lawn Turf Superfood

This is the lawn turf product you have been wishing for! After several years of trial and error, we have finally found the lawn turf superfood we are satisfied with. Customer feedback has been tremendous!

​Green Envy is formulated specifically for the exacting needs of American lawns of all types- From Bermuda, St. Augustine to Kentucky Bluegrass,. Green Envy delivers what you want most:  Lush, green and healthy grass.  The many features that comprise Green Envy combine together to create incredibly healthy and resilient turf, able to withstand environmental stresses such as drought, disease, pests and heavy traffic.   Green Envy will enable you to maintain the highest levels of quality on your lawn. ​This product is a concentrate and 1 gallon will   yield up to   64   gallons.

Stir or mix well before each use.  Mix 2- 4 ounces of Green Envy per gallon of water.  Spread at a rate of approximately 1 gallon of prepared mixture per 1000 sq ft of lawn.  Mixes well with other products, may be added to fertilizer applications.  Irrigation not required after application.

Active Ingredients: Non-Plant Food Ingredients:
Humic Acid ……..4.3% Organic Carbon ............... 22.0%
Fulvic Acid……....6.7% Bacillus Subtilis………..….4.0 x 107 cfu/ml
Derived From: Humified Organic Matter Bacillus Pumilus…………..3.7 x 107 cfu/ml
F002040 Purpose:  To Enhance Nutrient Uptake

One Gallon GREEN ENVY- $33.95 Order Here!