Root Ruckus!


Root Ruckus! is our amazing blend of our Organic Humic Acid, Organic Kelp and Beneficial Mycorrhizae fungi + Innoculants.  Think of this select combination as a turbo-charged sprayable liquid compost, good for nearly anything you grow.   Root Ruckus! Works to promote soil health and detoxify the soil at the same time, enabling the plant to more effectively process nutrients.  

Root Ruckus! Works to promote plant growth, root growth, increase fruiting, blooms and harvest.  It protects against plant shock and increases water retention.  Root Ruckus!  also works to assist in maximizing the utility of other fertilizers you add to your plants.   This amazing product will increase the natural energy processes of your plants, leading to a stronger root  system and improving the plants immune system.  

Application:   Dilute 2 ounces of Root Riot! Into 1 gallon of water for foliar spray (preferred).  If applying directly to soil, increase ratio to 4 ounces of concentrate to 1 gallon of water.  For hydroponic uses, use a ratio of 1 oz. concentrate per gallon of water.

GS Plant Foods’ Root Ruckus! contains the following ingredients:

GS Plant Foods’ Liquid Humic Acid Liquid Humic Acid is a cost-effective way to add humus to your soil. Humus, the building block of "organic matter", is one of the best natural conditioners for soil. This Liquid Humic Acid is made from compost and Leonardite, which is produced by the natural oxidation of exposed lignite, a low-grade coal.

Our liquid Humic Acid is  easily assimilated by plants and some of its main functions include improving plant immunity, improving plant metabolism, improving plant root development, improving the supply of plant nutritional elements and increasing the formation of ferments.  Humic Acid promotes the increased accumulation of chlorophyll, sugar, amino acids and more and improves the efficiency of nitrogen utilization, allowing for reduced fertilizer rates.

One of the primary actions of Humic Acid is to increase the plant’s ability to withstand the stresses of heat, drought, cold, disease, insect and other types of environmental or cultural pressures. Humic also increases general plant productivity, in terms of yield, as well as plant stem strength. Within the soil, humic stimulates soil microorganisms, promoting Humus

Applying Liquid Humic acid has the following advantages:

  • Penetrates the soil quickly, going directly to the roots for rapid absorption
  • Easier to apply than compost
  • Can be used with indoor plants
  • Can be used with other fertilizers or soil conditioners
  • Helps stabilize soil pH
  • Increases soil bacteria
  • Increases water retention

GS Plant Foods’ Organic Liquid Kelp Made from the finest seaweed plant Ascophyllum Nodosu.  
Benefits of Liquid Kelp: 

  • Improves seed germination and increases root development.
  • Increases bloom set and size of flowers and fruit.
  • Increases and stabilizes chlorophyll in plants, which results in darker green leaves and increased sugar content in plants.
  • Relieves stress in plants caused by extreme weather conditions.
  • Increases plant vigor, and thus imparts a greater resistance to disease, insect attack, drought, and frost.
  • Increases microorganisms in the soil that can fix nitrogen from the air.
  • Increases mineral uptake from the soil and into the plant.
  • Increases the storage life of fruits and vegetables by retarding the loss of protein, chlorophyll, and RNA.
  • Retards the aging process in plants (senescence), thereby lengthening the production season.

Many of the trace minerals contained in seaweed have important regulatory functions when applied to land plants, and in the animals and humans that consume the plants.

Beneficial Mycorrhizal fungi + Innoculants 
This product is water soluble and is ideal for spray applications, injection systems and drip irrigation. This product brings fungi, beneficial bacteria and trichoderma directly into the soil root zone of growing plants.    Mycorrhizal fungi is one of the hottest trends in the world of organic gardening.

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