I have been a plant lover for many years, with an extensive collection of bonsai and orchids, as well as the usual tomato and vegetable gardens.   Over the years, I have learned about and used many types of different 'insider' plant foods and fertilizers, (and offer the best of these for sale here).  

When I first got into growing orchids, I was frustrated with my lack of progress in getting them to re-bloom.   After all, I thought I had such a green thumb! 

As it happens, the area I live in (near Apopka, FL) is a major hub for commercial orchid growers.  One day, while speaking with a particular grower, I expressed my frustration about getting my orchids to re-bloom.   She gave me an 'insider's' recipe for orchid food made from a combination of natural products and promised great results.   I took the recipe and was really quite impressed.  Over time, I tweaked it a good bit, adding a couple of things I thought it was missing, as well as upping the quality of the ingredients.  Wow- I was suddenly an  Orchid Master- in my own mind, anyway.    I shared the recipe with some friends and family.  After a time, I started to get excited phone calls and even texted photos of the spectacular results they were having!  

I thought- "if people are this excited, obviously, I hit a nerve with this recipe- I should sell this stuff"   So I did.  That lead me to Orchid Love- the World's Best Orchid Food.   Since then, we've gone all in, adding some other 'insider' recipes, like our 'Liquid Love All Purpose Plant Food', "Flower Power" and others, as well as other professional level grower's supplies like our Fish fertilizer, Kelp (seaweed) and all the rest.