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Bio Carb All Natural Hi-Impact Soil Amendment


Bio Carb All Natural Hi-Impact Soil Amendment GS Plant Foods Bio-Carb Ancient Humate Soil Boost is a naturally mined Biologically Active Ancient Carbon Humus to be used to boost vital beneficial soil biology and essential Carbon & Humic to your soil. Rebuild depleted and or sandy soils in a natural, holistic manner to a premium growing medium. Our Bio-Carb is a naturally occurring blend of organic carbon and humic-heavy materials that can be added to your planting medium to seriously boost nutrient uptake. A little goes a long way! Consists of naturally occurring Humic Acid, Carbon and active soil biology of several beneficial microbes. APPLICATION RATES: Turf, Trees and Shrubs: 1 lb spread over 100 sq ft. Garden: 1-2 lbs broadcast per 100 sq ft Perennials, Annuals: 2 lbs per 100 sq ft. Individual Small Potted Plants- 1 Tablespoon per plant (6 inch), mixed into soil. Large Potted plant, ¼ cup per gallon of soil, mixed into soil. For application to existing growth, sprinkle on top of soil at base. For new growth applications, till into soil. Apply at start of season and supplement during growth cycle throughout season as needed. Our Bio-Carb is a very high density carbon product, be sure to use only as directed. To Store: Simply reseal bag and store in cool, dry, dark place

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