Bud Doublin

Bud Doublin Grow

Bud DoublinTM Grow is perfectly formulated for hydroponic growing and is made from organic ingredients that will provide all the primary and secondary nutrients your crops need for outstanding growth, creating a strong frame for later flower, fruit, and seed production. It is formulated to maximize vegetative growth by supplying plants with a custom diet that stimulates vigorous root and foliage development. The base ingredients in Bud DoublinTM Grow will help promote and facilitate the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi in your growing media. This blend provides essential nutrients to your plants, along with crucial elements which feed the naturally occurring existing beneficial bacteria in your soil. Through proper nutrition and the use of the healthy pure ingredients Bud DoublinTM Grow promotes full flavors, aromas and bountiful production time after time. Help your plants to reach their full potential use Bud DoublinTM Grow to give your plants a strong healthy start. Works especially well in union with our Bud Doublin BLOOM and MICROS products

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