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Flower Power All Natural Super Bloom Booster 32 0z concentrate

$18.95 $21.95
Flower Power Concentrate by GS Plant Foods is our own organic fish and kelp as a base, with special additions to boost the number and size of your plants flowers! Flower Power is a natural plant food, produced with ingredients from nature to boost your flowering plants to their maximum health and produce beautiful blooms.

Flower Power is made with a base of the purest natural extracts to provide essential micro-nutrients, cheating agents and naturally developed enzymes. The power of just the base ingredients provides incredible benefits to improve the health of your plants. Our 32 ounce bottle of concentrate yields up to 32 gallons!

N 1.19% P (P205) 1.06% P (K20) 0.39%

Then, to this base we add more natural ingredients to further promote your plants rooting system, stress tolerance and, of course, increased flower blooms! GS Plant Foods products are designed as a natural, eco-friendly alternative to the use of chemical fertilizers. Most importantly, they work even better!

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