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Grower's Honey Plant Based Amino Acid Plant Growth Fuel for Huge vegetative Growth, Bigger Flowers, Jumbo Fruits and Vegetables Liquid Concentrate

In terms of plant nutrition, Amino Acids may just be the most important supplement you can give your plants- of all kinds- to maximize growth and health. Amino acids are the literal foundation of life in plants. Whether your goal is to get bigger vegetables, healthier turf, larger, more vibrant flowers etc.. amino acids are critical to obtain results. Plants need amino acids to create, strengthen cells. Plants produce amino acids from oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen etc.. This takes a lot of energy from the plant. By providing supplementary amino acids, your plants will not have to use it’s energy for producing amino acids, and will now expend it’s energy toward other deficiencies, allowing tremendous growth and vitality. It will also increase the plant’s natural disease and pest resistance! Amino Acids improve Stress Resistance by providing the plants with components directly related to stress physiology and thus has both a preventative and recovering effect. Improved Photosynthesis; Amino acids are elemental in chlorophyll production which is essential for photosynthesis. Amino acids help to increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant, leading to a higher degree of photosynthesis, which in turn leads to even more available energy. Amino Acids are beneficial for the fertility of pollen and as such, are essential for pollination. Benefits by increasing pollen germination, improving fruit set, strengthening the cell walls which in turn, increases shelf life and improves the ripening stage, improving flavor Of the different types of Amino acid sources, it is recognized that plant-based amino acids are superior to animal based sources. Which is why GS Plant Foods Grower’s Honey is only plant based. Grower’s Honey brings you cutting edge benefits of plant-based amino acids in an easy to apply liquid form from a leading organics plant foods company- GS Plant Foods. Completely safe for the environment. NPK 4-3-3

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