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Growth Impact Super Concentrate of Plant Vitamins and Hormones

$21.95 $27.95
Growth Impact is a super concentration of safe, non-toxic vitamins and plant hormones proven to be super beneficial to all types of greenery! It can be used independently or mixed in with your regular fertilizers for hydroponics, foliar spraying or drenching. Growth Impact will provide visible benefits through increased photosynthesis and works by activating the naturally occurring enzymes required for plant growth. Whatever you grow, whatever your situation, Growth Impact will be of benefit. Transplanting shock will be greatly minimized with application. Turf wear will be quicker to regenerate and weak, dying plants will be reinvigorated! To Use, just add ¼ of a tsp into a gallon of water or even to a gallon of your ready-to-use fertilizer or plant feed and apply! That’s it!

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