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Hay & Pasture Formula - Organic Pasture Fertilizer with Humic Acid & Fulvic Acid (5 Gallon)

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GS Plant Foods Hay and Pasture Formula Pasture, 5 Gallons Concentrate. Application Rates: For optimal results, we recommend spraying: •2-4 gallons per acre is the general recommended application rate. Your specific soil conditions will determine the optimal amount to apply. Probably best to start with 3 gallons per acre in the beginning, middle of the range to observe results. [Note: After the first season, many are able to cut back on the application rates to 2 gallons per acre as soil begins to improve] You can apply as often as you like, we recommended fertilizing every time the grass/hay has been grazed down and/or when the animals are rotated. •Remember that GS Plant Foods’ Hay & Pasture Formula is an amazing "sticking agent" and so you should always add a gallon per acre or so to the tank ANYTIME you are spraying your pasture for any reason. You will save money by more efficiently applying your other inputs, and will get the added benefit of additional fertilization for your fields. NOTE: Minimum applications for pasture - Even just twice per year will still show great results with 2-3 gallons per acre. *************************************************** Hay Application Rates: For optimal results, we recommend spraying: •Two Gallons per acre - when planting/drilling in or when hay first comes out of dormancy •Another 2 gallons per acre "mid-cycle" or 2-3 weeks prior to cutting - if possible - THIS APPLICATION will dramatically increase your Relative Feed Value (RFV) and the nutritional content of your hay. Higher Protein, Sugars, Omega Oils, Vitamins and Minerals. •2 gallons per acre after each cutting NOTE: For best results, try using higher amounts (3 gallons / acre) on lower quality soils in the beginning, to help the overall health of the hay/pasture. Improves drought tolerance, improves yields, provides trace elements and minerals along with Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids and a full compliment.

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