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Herb Window Garden Gift Set- Complete windowsill herb garden growing kit

$19.95 $39.95
This beautiful gift set contains everything needed to produce a healthy and robust Herb Garden! You’ll set up your beautiful wooden Window Sill box and arrange the 3 pots and the corresponding water trays. Then, when you add water to the compacted, nutrient-condensed soil pucks, you’ll see them expand up to 6 times in volume, ready to plant your seeds. Included is a bottle of our proprietary, Organic Soil Spice ‘Sprinkle-on’ fertilizer. Just ‘pepper’ on the fertilizer over the soil and water as usual. We’ve included a terrific set of professional-quality garden snips that is of high enough quality that you’ll want to use it for all of your gardening needs! A complete set of instructions is also enclosed to ensure success with growing the best herbs, again and again! Makes a wonderful gift for your favorite novice or professional gardener, chefs & home cooks, anybody who enjoys beauty in nature!

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