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Hi-Nitrogen Kelp-Humic Blend 32-0-0 by GS Plant Foods, A Quick Greening Lawn Food

$23.95 $27.95
Our Hi- Nitrogen Kelp-Humic Quick Greening Lawn Food blend gives you the benefits of Kelp and Humic with the necessary Nitrogen all plants need. The Kelp and Humic enables the roots to more efficiently uptake the nitrogen required, thus allowing you to use less and avoid unnecessary runoff, protecting our environment while giving you the quick lush, green results you want. Great for all grass types, in all locales. If your turf is suffering from yellowing leaves, light green color, thin density and slow growth you probably have a nitrogen deficiency. This is your answer! Our 32-0-0 is the perfect tool in your lawn care arsenal to bring about quick green and hi growth. Nitrogen is a absolute necessity for plant growth and health. Use our 32-0-0 to maintain your plants and turf health and to treat nitrogen deficiencies. Be sure to water properly and not to over apply the 32-0-0 so that the nutrients are absorbed properly and does not burn. · Superior 32-0-0 Liquid plant and turf Nutritional Supplement · Creates a terrific quick greening · Promotes Growth · High Nitrogen Formula · Contains Organic Kelp and Humic to allow for greater natural uptake of available nitrogen · Great for Every Grass Type · 1 Quart Covers 3,000 + Square Feet · Made in the USA · Developed from our years of Golf Course Turf experience.

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