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Liquid Love All Purpose Natural Plant Food, 1 Gallon concentrate

$38.95 $39.95
GS Plant Foods Organic Liquid Love All purpose plant food- 1 gallon concentrate Liquid Love Natural All-Purpose Plant Food from GS Plant Foods is the ultimate High Performance Plant Food.

Liquid Love was developed specifically to serve as a one-stop super food source for all of your plants- everything from your beloved garden items (vegetables, herbs etc.) fruit trees, lawn shrubbery, ornamentals to all of your inside houseplants . Using all natural ingredients that have been proven to increase plant vitality, color, stress resistance, growth stimulation and root production, Liquid Love will give you the best results you have ever received! Not only will your plants grow better and be healthier, your garden and fruit trees will produce bigger and healthier fruits and vegetables that actually taste better! At a more diluted strength, our Liquid Love for is specially formulated to consider the more mild conditions for houseplants, but will give you the same tremendous results. Great for hydroponic use.

This is One full Gallon of Concentrate- Each gallon makes as much as 128 Gallons of ready-to-use product!

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