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Presto's Magic Dog Spot Solution

$17.95 $21.95
Presto’s Magic Dog Spot Solution is an Organic, Natural dog spot solution that is safe for your Pets, Safe for your Family, Safe for your lawn Easily & Safely repair dog urine spots in your grass. Just Spray it & Forget it! Well, when a dog’s gotta go, she’s gotta go! Unfortunately, when your dog ‘goes’ on your lawn, the excessive nitrogen content kills the grass and leaves yellow spots everywhere. Instead of using chemicals, we have developed our Presto’s Magic Dog Spot Solution from a naturally occurring humic and carbon deposit that eliminates the odor, dilutes the excess nitrogen and heals your soil, thus erasing the yellow stain and revitalizing your green, lush grass! Easy to use, you just mix 2 ounces of Presto’s Magic Dog Spot Solution concentrate into a gallon of water and spray it on the spot (don’t worry about overspray, it’s great for all your grass and plants). Repeat this once a week on all your spots as they appear until they disappear! You can use a hose-end sprayer for easiest application (as pictured).

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