It's Easy to get Beautiful Blooms....Again and Again!

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N 1.19%  P  (P205) 1.06%  P  (K20) 0.39%

Orchid Love is simply the best food that you can give to your orchids!   So many times I had heard from friends & family that they could never get their orchids to re-bloom after they take them home.   The initial blooms would last for weeks and weeks, but after they dropped, the plant would never seem to bloom again, or, at best, it would give off just a few tiny little blooms.
They thought I was a master gardener because my orchids would 
come back blooming again and again.  The roots were extremely healthy-nice and plump and the leaves were thick and green.  Best of all, the flowers were gorgeous.   
Most of them were familiar with some of the 'rules' with growing orchids, like 'water weakly, weekly' and keep them from direct sunlight, not too cold, not too hot etc... but still, they could not get much in the way of 
 Until, that is, I shared my secret orchid recipe.   
Actually, the basis for this 'recipe' came from a local orchid seller .  She shared with me her basic mix of nutrients and fertilizer compounds.  I used it as she described and had great results.   However, over the years since that time, I continued to tweak the recipe until I came up with Orchid Love.

Orchid Love is, hands down, the best Orchid bloom booster you can get your hands on today.   All natural, nothing freaky, just a mix of the highest quality products, in the right combination to give your orchids the nutrients and hormones they need to be healthy, grow robust root systems and awesome blooms- again and again!